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This past weekend my husband and I went to the Mchenry outdoor theater.  It was a very cool experience and felt like you were in another time.  To enter it is $10.00 per adult and $5.00 per kid/senior.

They play 50’s music on the FM station, you can bring your own food and drinks to tailgate, and we saw people in the grass areas throwing around footballs and a Frisbee.  For the dog lovers, you can also bring your dog!

The concession stand offers variety of treats including hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, popcorn, nachos, ice cream sandwiches and more.

They recommend you arriving around 7:30, gates open at 6:30.  We arrived a little after 7:30 and there were still plenty of spaces for us to get a good view.  Once it gets dark the movie starts, you can listen to the movie a few different ways.  1. Hang a nostalgic speaker right on the window.  We tried this at first but because they are authentic and old it was a little hard to hear at times.  However I am glad they still have this option because it was neat to try it for a little bit. 2. Listen on your radio at 89.9 FM. 3. Check out a free radio there (limited amount available).

We sat in our car with our windows down and actually didn’t even need to turn our radio on because we could hear just fine from the cars on either side of us.  A lot of people were sitting in chairs in front of their cars to watch.

Another important note:  The Mchenry Outdoor Theater needs to convert to digital to stay open.  They are trying hard to raise the money and could use everyone’s support!  If you enjoy going to the drive-in and want to keep it around, please visit the website projectdrivein.com or text 111 to 444999.  A new campaign started by Honda is helping struggling outdoor theaters a chance to win one of five digital projectors.  Let’s make sure Mchenry is one of the theaters to get one!

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