VMA Awards 2014 Best & Worst

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The VMA’s red carpet is about pushing the boundaries, here are some of the winners and those that are not so much.

Here are some of my favorite looks:

Lucy Hale- I like the combination between leather and the floral.


Beyonce- she always seems to know her body and how to enhance it.


Jennifer Lopez – she is showing a lot of skin but doesn’t look trashy.


Gwen Stefani – love the refreshing pop of color and doing a pant suit as something different.


Still not sure what I think about Taylor Swift, I like that she did something unique.


Looks I did not like:

Nicki Minaj – I like the pattern but dress is too short for her long legs.


Solange Knowles – like the idea of doing a sparkly suit but jacket was too big.


Charli XCX – all wrong, would have been nice as just a shirt or purse.



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California Trip May 4-10th Southwest Airlines Flight

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Back in May we took a trip out to California.  Joe had a conference so we figured we would extend the trip and make a vacation out of it as well.

We have flew on Southwest quite a few times but this is the first time that I saw the overhead compartments had paintings on them. They announced they support Ronald McDonald charity. They had the children of parents staying there paint the pictures. I think this is such a cool thing.  Another reason whenever possible I always pick to fly Southwest.



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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

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I have never had a gel manicure, but when I came across Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel nail polish I had to try it.  On the packaging it says “Up to 14 days of color and shine with no light needed”. I purchased the combo pack of pink Shock Wave with the Gel Top Coat.

I applied it like any other nail polish. Coverage was good and color matched what was in the bottle. But the real question did it live it to the 14 days claim?  The answer is no. It did last longer than most of the other nail polishes but the picture below is what my nails looked like on day 8.

I did use a base coat under the nail polish so this weekend I am going to repaint my nails with no base coat and see if I get a longer wear.  I will then post an update to see if the results differ.



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Strawberry picking

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We had no idea that there is not only one but two places near home to pick strawberries. I am a little late on posting about this as their strawberry season is over, but put it on your calendar for next June!  I can understand the price for strawberries now, it is a lot of work to find good ones.

1- Cody’s Farm Fresh Vegetables. Located at 19502 River Road Marengo.  rices this year was $1.95/lb if you pick your own.

2- McCann Berry Farm. 18110 Kishwaukee Valley Road Woodstock. We stopped here the same day, not to pick our own but to buy pre-picked to compare.

Farm buildings at Cody’s.


At first I wasn’t thrilled about the walk to the patch but glad we did it.






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Sprinkles Cupcakes

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A trip into the city would not be complete without stopping at Sprinkles cupcakes!  They are located 50 E. Walton Street in Chicago. Check out their website for other locations and to see the flavors of the day.  The shop itself is not that big and they do run out of certain flavors towards the end of the day.

And a big bonus that made our day was after only driving around the block two times I found parking right in front!  Anyone who had driven in Chicago knows how exciting that is.

If you have watched the show Cupcake Wars the name Sprinkles probably sounds familiar.  That is because the founder, Candace Nelson is one of the judges on the show.  The cupcake may not look fancy but they are delicious!










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National Museum of Mexican Art

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My sisters friend Maria is a very talented artist.  She recently had her own exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago.  We decided to take a trip into the city to see her work.

She not only had a couple pieces displayed, she had a whole room.  Her given name is Pilar Acevedo, we know her as Maria. Here is a look at some of her work.



A write up about the artist:


My favorite piece:


Another favorite, reminds me of my days at Claire’s:


A piece that will now be at the museum long term, so check it out “I See Red”.



Other examples of her work:



photo 12




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Charles James: Beyond Fashion Exhibit

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As a follow up from my MET Gala red carpet posting, here is more information on the exhibit that inspired the theme for the night.

It is currently on display until August 10th at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

I have not seen the exhibit, but here is what I have found online about it.  It takes you through the career of couturier Charles James (1906-1978) in two location within the museum.  The galleries spotlight and analyze the glamorous and breathtaking architecture of his ball gowns.  On display are 15 of his iconic gowns.  Text, x-rays and vintage images show the story behind each gown’s construction and history.

Here are some examples of his work:

Known as the “Four Leaf Clover” dress.


The “Butterfly”






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MET Gala 2014 Red Carpet

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I know the MET gala was last month, but it is still fun to look at the red carpet.  The Costume Institute Gala is the coming together of the arts, fashion and entertainment.  Anna Wintour determines the theme based on the Costume Institute’s fashion exhibition. This year’s was “Charles James: Beyond Fashion.”

Here are a look at some of my favorites and the misses.

Favorite couples:

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, both in Gucci.

David Beckham in Ralph Lauren and Victoria Beckham in a dress from her own collection.

Fave looks:

Taylor Swift in Oscar de la Renta


Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta.


Sarah Silverman in Zac Posen.  Love this look the style, color and minimal accessories to allow the dress to be center stage.


Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa is jaw dropping in this statement gown.



Sandra Lee, looks like she is going to work at a Disney theme park instead of the red carpet.


Tabitha Simmons in Dolce & Gabbana.


Cara Delevingne in Stella McCartney.  All for setting new trends but I think this event deserves something more grand.


Katie Holmes in Marchesa.



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Going Picking

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It is official, I am now a picker!

I was driving by a house in my neighborhood which had an estate sale last month.  It was a very strange sale, hardly anything was unpacked and nothing was priced.  You walk into the living room at most sales where items are neatly displayed on a table but here thinks were wrapped in newspapers in paper bags.

Back to present day, as I drove by I noticed a HUGE pile of stuff from the curb to the garage.  I debated a little but had to stop.  It is a shame for them but good for me that half of the things were not at the estate sale.  Now I was able to get a car full of stuff for free!

Only listed 3 items so far and in less than a week 1 already has a bid.  I will keep everyone posted on how my “dumpster diving” works out.

I never thought I would be one to dig through stuff on the side of the road! Although still had to draw a line, with no gloves some bags/boxes had to be left untouched.

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Coldwater Creek Closing

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For those of you who have not heard yet, Coldwater Creek is going out of business.    I just went to one of the locations, items are 30-50% off storewide.

Check their website for store locations and/or online deals.

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