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I met my mom and sister in Orland Park to celebrate Mother’s Day.   We worked up an appetite after a few hours of shopping.  Being that it was Mother’s day we did have reservations, good thing otherwise the wait at Rock Bottom Brewery in Orland Park would have been one hour.

The decor is very inviting, service was great and there were so many things that sounded good on the menu we definitely will be eating there again.

I had their homemade Root beer, if you are a fan of Root beer make sure to order theirs.  My mom said it remaindered her of A&W’s back in the day in frosted mugs.

We ordered the nachos as an appetizer, wow the plate was huge and no shortage of chips, there could have been a little more cheese but overall very good.  We saw a lot of the large pretzels going to other tables, have to try that next.


As a recommendation I ordered the lobster and shrimp tacos. All the goodies come in a hard shell wrapped in a soft shell, I really like the combination of this.  The sauce had a bit of a kick to it, but then again I have a pretty low tolerance for spicy foods.  It was not too much, but next time I would order the sauce on the side.


My sister and mom both ordered chicken dishes, which were delicious as well.



We all decided to have part of our meals wrapped up so we could try the dessert.  If you like carrot cake do not miss this one!


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